Why we won’t see an Adult version of Pokémon GO!

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When I first had the whole Pokémon GO phenomenon explained to me a few weeks ago in the office (yes, I live is Spain – we’re a bit behind!), my first thoughts were ‘it’s only a matter of time before companies start sending out app development briefs that say something like “We want something similar Pokémon Go but with this specific or that specific”.

I’m sure it’s already happened! It happened with Angry Birds. Cherry received more than one brief with the prerequisite of it being something like ‘Angry Birds’, but for adult entertainment!

And who can blame them? Since its launch, Nintendo’s stock has risen $9 billion in value, and Pokémon trainers are clocking in an average of 43 minutes of gameplay a day! We’d all like that kind of usage time per user on our services!!

The Pokémon Adult hybrid of the same would be pretty easy to design of course! It’s kinda staring us in the face really.

Same concept but placing famous pornstars in locations – and bedding them (or filming them) instead of catching them! Gyms become film shoots and you’re not a trainer, you’re a film producer.

But whatever the idea, the problem is and always will be the cost to create it. With the adult industry now earning an increasing percentage of its revenue from buying and selling traffic rather than direct sales of movies and services (due to the influx of tube sites), very few will have the inclination or ROI model to create something on this scale, development-wise.

It’s exactly the same reason that VR won’t be as big in Adult as we all hope! It will be a washed out version of real VR, because most Adult service providers just won’t have the spending power or scale to invest in truly interactive Adult VR development.

Let’s face it – all we are currently seeing ‘VR’ wise in the Adult industry is the capability to look around the bedroom whilst ‘virtually’ receiving oral pleasure from a scantily clad babe.

I’m sorry, but it’s just a poor man’s version of the interactivity, immersion and evolution of VR going on in the mainstream entertainment world right now!

It’s not that the ideas and creativity aren’t there – it’s that the investment and ROI isn’t there!

So folks, for the first time in history, adult entertainment (responsible for mass adoption for VHS, online marketing and some even say the WEB, as well as many other new media innovations) is lagging behind its mainstream counterpart.

That said – I’ll bet you any money you like that there will be some kind of film parody of Pokémon GO before the autumn arrives! (if there isn’t already!)

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