Why Adult Mobile Is Still A Great Business Model

Why Adult Mobile Is Still A Great Business Model
Born in the 70’s and like most young girls of that time, I assumed I would grow up and become a princess by marrying Prince Andrew (that was a near miss, hey?) or failing that, become a veterinarian, saving little puppies and kittens for a living. Absolutely NOWHERE on my list of dream careers did it state that I was going to be the founder and owner of an adult mobile company (and yes, my parents ARE proud!). 😉

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I am probably the most UNLIKEY person to be heading up an adult mobile business for the last 9 years and as such, I probably have a slightly slanted view of the adult industry, what it represents and how to make money from it.

As a result I have been speaking and writing about the subject for many years now and I am quite often proved right on my predictions about this politically charged and fast-paced industry, although I have to humbly admit, I have no idea whether this actually IS my slanted view or just a complete fluke.

So I thought I would jot down a few personal insights into why, in my opinion, adult entertainment on mobile is still a GREAT business model to invest in.

Mobile has been used to distribute adult content and services for more than a decade already with premium rate SMS being used as the billing mechanic for the delivery of adult text and images. I remember building Private Media’s 1st mobile wap site as far back as 2003 with Bango.net.

When I started Cherry Media later that same year, one of the things I realised very quickly with my own d2c wap site was that adult entertainment and mobile was clearly a match made in heaven.

Arousal, by its very nature, is impulsive. You can’t predict what is going to turn you on or where or when it will happen. The uptake of mobile devices created different customer behaviour patterns compared to its media predecessors such as the internet and DVD.  As you would expect some of the very first wap sites to launch on mobile were adult sites (Cherrysauce was amongst them) – After all, the adult industry has an impressive footprint in defining new media channels such as the infamous VHS / Betamax story.

Combining these new behaviour patterns with the early adoption of mobile by the adult industry allowed the undisputed customer demand for adult entertainment (estimated to be worth around $13 billion a year) to act instantly on those impulses, for the first time, wherever they were, as opposed to hoping that the impulse or desire could/would survive long enough in order to get in front of the computer or TV at a later stage.

Mobile allows impulse because it is the first digital device to be with you ALL the time and arousal is an instinctive impulsive – so combining the two is clearly a match made in heaven.

The latest Juniper Research report on Mobilising Adult Revenues still echoes these original concepts, highlighting human nature and other characteristics, such as privacy, ubiquity and convenience as reasons people turn to mobile for their adult entertainment, but also, quite rightly, includes the uptake of smartphones and tablets as one of the leading drivers for this entertainment sector for the next few years.

Drivers Adult Content

This, of course, is obvious when you think about it. Adult entertainment is based on visual stimulus, but the fantasy part of the experience calls for a deeper level of immersion, something which smartphones and tablets are the first to supply in mobile entertainment, via the increased level of interaction they offer.

Another thing this vast and rapid uptake of smartphone and tablets is providing to the industry sector is the video experience. Video is pretty much a key product for adult entertainment, as much for revenues as for context and audience. Most (successful) adult entertainment services are built around video in some way.

This ties in seamlessly with the sharp spike in customer uptake of video streaming via mobile devices. Morgan Stanley for example, predicts that video content will account for a whopping 69% of all mobile date traffic by 2014.

Mobile Data Traffic

I could go on with more examples to further demonstrate why adult mobile has huge commercial potential in the coming years, but I’m sure I’m already taking up too much space with my ramblings. However, if you are interested to see what the industry experts recommend you should focus on for your adult mobile strategy then check out our Adult Mobile Predictions for 2012, written at the beginning of this year.

I’ll leave you with my one of my absolute favourite ‘porn quotes’ of all time, something Russell Buckley from Admob shared with me years ago. “Erotica is using a feather, pornography is using the whole chicken.” – Isabel Allende

For some reason, I can only see that chicken plucked when I relate it to porn!

Julia Dimambro, Managing Director
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