Time to give the industry its adult “WOW” factor

Adult Industry on Mobile

Hasn’t adult on mobile been quiet so far this year? Well that’s all about to change! Prepare yourselves, because I think we can expect adult to be back on the tip of everyone’s tongue again very shortly.

Mobile entertainment is moving off-portal this year and in doing so, it’s moving into the environment we grew up in; the environment where every rule differs from an operator deck and where the consumer really DOES rule. Hooray!

In our (saucy) world D2C and off-portal are already long established business models. We’ve been doing regular search marketing for more than 2 or 3 years already, cross promoting with other sites, gathering databases and use-behaviour patterns. All we were really missing was substantial consumer penetration (excuse the pun please), because most of them couldn’t exit their operator portal and were paying just to see girls wiggle their bottoms in a bikini.

In our world, the mega brands are names many of you won’t have heard of. The big adult brands the operators target on-portal don’t exist here. Why? Because they are too soft, too expensive and too unreal. If you ask around, you’ll find that many of them have not been as successful on the Internet as they were in print and on video. On the Internet, it’s the amateurs that rule the roost.

The new digital generation of ‘adult’ consumers want realism. The younger generation is more Lock Stock than James Bond! Just as fly-on-wall docos have dominated our television screens, adult entertainment has also shifted to a more ‘real’ production plane – voyeurism, UGC, amateur, webcams. These have been the successes on the Internet and are already proving to be the best sellers in mobile. All your on-portal strategies and style guides don’t work here. It’s a different ball game and I have to thank god for that!

But what will happen to the big brands if, as people have started predicting, the operator portals of the future will be a small collection of sponsored content and a big Google search box?

Julia Dimambro, Managing Director
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