Surprising Article on Women’s Favourite Adult Genres!

women's favourite adult genres
We found this interesting infographic last week from the Daily Mail and PornHub that shows what women are viewing around the world when it comes to adult entertainment.
The first surprise was that according to PornHub, 24% of its viewers are women! (surprising in that porn productions still seem to be very male orientated)
The infographic then breaks it down by territory – where 104% more Italian women and 91% more French women look at “mature” porn compared to other territories around the world!
At the same time 233% more women look at shemale content in Argentina compared to Brazilian women where only 81% more women view this style of content.
I think the big thing to take away from this is that women are actively seeking male orientated genres and categories and after many years of people asking me (as a woman in this business) what do women want for adult entertainment – maybe we are just overthinking it too much! Maybe you’re better off just looking at this chart and targeted women with their preferred male orientated genre! 😉
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