Mobile Marketing

Why subscribe to these Marketing Programs via Cherry Media?

Cherry Media launched its first mobile adult portal in September 2003 and being only one of about 10 adult mobile sites anywhere in the world at the time, the traffic came easily with very little marketing or promotion.

Long gone are those glory days! Now your marketing strategy is as important as the structure and retailing of your services to ensure a sustainable profit margin.

The mobile adult market is already a highly competitive space and with traditional CPC campaigns quite often not showing the margins most would like, what other ways are there to attract new targeted adult customers?

Cherry is here to help! Leveraging our 8 years of experience and market positioning, we’ve partnered with a range of more innovative marketing solutions, most of which don’t charge you until they’ve made you money! We’ve done the legwork, research and testing, so you don’t have to.

Utilising Cherry Media’s TOTALLY FREE advice and support, we can ensure that your marketing strategy packs more punch and creates higher margins, because we are objective. We work on what’s best for you, rather than selling just one solution that was built in house – thus saving YOU valuable time, resources and mostly importantly, money!

Contact us for a no-obligation chat on what would work best for your business.