Outsourcing Your Content Management & The Key Benefits for Service Providers

Outsourcing Your Content Management

We’ve all been there! We know it’s imperative we update the content in our service and maybe launch a sign-up promo or two, but there are five sales emails that need prioritising, three proposals to write and time is needed this afternoon to organise some new traffic offers.

Tomorrow comes, more sales emails have landed in our in-box, we need to track and tweak the results of yesterday’s promotions and those important proposals are only half written because a million other things cropped up yesterday, which needed immediate attention.

Sound familiar?

If the service itself appears to be “holding its own”, most, if not all SME’s are forced to prioritise sales tasks. We subconsciously reason that sales tasks will be the quicker and more efficient route to covering costs and generating profit, but the consequence of this means we keep dropping this ‘service maintenance’ side of things further and further down the priority list.

And the simple truth of it is that fewer updates, promotions and less fresh content will very quickly result in shorter subscriber lifespans and less sign-ups. i.e. Ever reducing turnover and a vicious circle ensues.

The question is, how do we manage both the sales and service side of the business equally and effectively with the restricted time available?

The answer is, OUTSOURCING!

In contrast to the ‘outsourcing mania’ in the early 90’s, when maybe too much was outsourced due to the flat economy and internal layoffs, the general thinking these days is to utilise SELECTIVE OUTSOURCING to compliment, optimise and strengthen your core skills.

To put it simply, for content management of OTT & mobile video entertainment services, extracting the best out of various specialist disciplines to optimise costs, time and results will have huge benefits on long-term revenue growth.

For example, if your core strength is customer acquisition and retention, then partner with a specialist to manage your content (refresh schedules, new releases, sign-up incentives, content promotions, etc.) Equally, if your core strength is content management, then partner with a specialist for customer acquisition and retention.

It’s well documented that outsourcing certain skills has numerous cost benefits, not least allowing you to convert fixed costs into variable costs.

But it can also make your business more attractive to potential investors, because they can see you are prioritising your available capital for direct revenue-producing activities.

Here are a few other benefits of outsourcing your content management to experts that you might not of thought of:

More efficient financial control over content and content management. One fixed monthly cost for all your content needs.

  1. Content strategy, acquisition, publishing and maintenance all off your ‘To Do’ list AND managed by an expert team.
  2. Increased value by utilising seasoned industry specialists rather than hiring expensive staff whom you have to train yourself.
  3. Much more time and money to focus on customer acquisition and marketing as well as adding core value to your services.
  4. Reports have shown that selective outsourcing can cut your operational costs by up to 50%. That saving can be directly invested into customer acquisition and promotion.
  5. Better response rates to maximise seasonal and event opportunities for content promotions.
  6. Single contact to manage the operational and financial aspects of ALL your 3rd party content suppliers.
  7. By selecting a global content specialist, you get the knowledge and experience associated with current worldwide viewing and content trends.

If you’re interested in finding out more about outsourcing content management for your business, then please give us a shout to discuss your specific requirements and potential solutions.




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Cherry Media in 2003 in order to create and deliver innovative, consumer-focused mobile entertainment. It owns and operates the world famous, multi-award winning mobile erotic entertainment brand, Cherrysauce. The company is entirely self-funded, 100% owned by Dimambro and has been profitable since launch.

Previously, Dimambro set up some of the world’s first mobile content deals and SMS print campaigns as Wireless Commercial Director for Nasdaq listed, Private Media Group and launched the first ‘interactive’ division of the London ad agency, J. Walter Thompson.

Dimambro has frequently been voted one of the Top 50 Most Influential Executives in Mobile and one of the Top 50 Women in Mobile. She is a regular writer and speaker on the challenges and opportunities of mobile erotica, with many articles being published in most leading trade publications.

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