*NEW CONTENT SERVICE* Optimise resources, costs & revenues – Outsource your CMS / Content Management to Cherry!

Outsourcing Your Content Management

With 14 years of mobile and digital content licensing and distribution, we know a thing or two about content and maximizing sales in this highly competitive market.

Viewing habits, trends, tastes, fantasies, how to convert, how to conserve, geo trends, refresh strategies and more.

Cherry Media is delighted to announce the launch of a new service that not only manages your content acquisitions, licensing and 3rd party suppliers in one tidy package, but also the strategy, formatting and publishing of your content (as required).
Allowing you to focus efforts and costs on obtaining high-value customers.

Service can include any or all of the following:

  • Full access to our multi-award-winning portfolio, covering all “Content Standard” grading levels and featuring the highest converting adult stars and categories.
  • Expert management of new, bespoke or specialized content acquisition for digital video services (mobile, web, OTT, etc.)
  • Full management and strategy of existing supplier base, so you only have deal with one person for multiple portfolios.
  • Bespoke formatting and preparation of the content inline with your CMS requirements.
  • Metadata creation and translation
  • Specialized design services for a wide range of support services such as title covers, banners, landing pages, promotions, page templates, newsletters and more.

Just email me at biz@cherrysauce.com to receive more information and see how this service could optimize your business specifically.

Also, see Cherry’s latest published article here on the benefits of outsourcing.

Don’t forget to check out our BLOG for all the latest content and service offers, published articles and opinions on the latest industry news!

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