The Naked Truth – II

Naked Truth

Mobile Erotica after Age Verification – Part 2

As I mentioned in the first part of Naked Truth, I see more each day how optimising sales and finding what really appeals to consumer tastes is more about psychology than naked flesh. We have seen an interesting development here from the Operator side of the business as apposed to our dear, spending consumer, which I believe could have an ongoing impact on ARPU in the erotic sector.

Brands vs. Choice:

Interestingly, where Operators have decided to take a walk on the wild side and are looking to integrate some soft adult content on-portal, their strategy has been almost totally focused on brands, preferably the big 4 – Private, Hustler, Playboy and Penthouse. Names that they have heard of and that they feel their customers will identify with. Okay, all good so far. Big brand names will drive traffic to this new content offering, users will recognise it and have some idea of what to expect.

However, coming from one of these big brands and having then left to start up Cherrysauce, which works with both brands and smaller, white-label producers, it seems to me that the Operators are missing a vital ARPU opportunity if they adopt a purely branded strategy. Erotic consumers purchase content based on personal erotic tastes – on what turns them on. A brand doesn’t turn them on. The style of the content from a particular brand may match their personal tastes and you’ll find that most of the 4 mentioned above have a very specific and loyal consumer base, but the potential mobile adult audience is new and immense and consequently, you will have a huge range of sexual preferences and tastes to cater for. If we look at how far the Internet went to deliver to this diverse range of preferences, then mobile has to go even further to deliver to the expanded audience to fully realise the financial benefits.

The big production houses have a very specific (and successful) production style. They understand what THEIR consumers want. They know which girls sell best amongst their demographic and which genres are most popular, but all production is based around their particular consumer demographic and a subsequent ‘house-style’ is created. But the mobile audience is so much broader. We have a new breed of erotic consumer – users who never took part in the adult internet boom, but feel reasonably comfortable having a little ‘flutter’ now and then with no commitment, minimal cost and until recently, anonymously. Therefore, purely focusing on the big brands means that a vast amount of people will not have their personal preferences catered for. New consumers will browse their new environment as a beginner, but ultimately, they will be looking for something that appeals to THEM and once they find something that suits their personal tastes, they will keep going back for more.

The key to the commercial success of erotica on mobiles is range and choice – catering to the broader demographic.

The Naked Truth – Mobile Erotica after Age Verification – Part 1

Julia Dimambro, Managing Director
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