Great article on the uncomfortable relationship between tech and sex

tech and sex
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Having worked within the mobile industry and on the fringes of the adult industry at the same time for the last 14 years, this article reminded me of how contradictory the relationship can actually be!

Ever since I started educating myself of how the adult industry had actually created or influenced many of the mainstream tech and platforms we use today, I never stopped to think how making that happen might not have been all smooth sailing!

There are so many examples where tech has been invented, but it didn’t go mass market until the adult industry adopted it (VHS over betamax being the best known example!), so it’s interesting to read that even when we strip back the industry around sex and just leave the actual practicality of the act, that the tech industry still gets shy and withdrawn about it – to the point of avoiding potential commercial opportunity just to not have their name associated with menstruation or sex.

Amazing this is still the case in 2016, where sexual liberty, freedom and expression has never been more open and discussed!

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