Consumer Context Converts Content!

Consumer Context Converts Content

Consumer Context Converts Content! – The 4 C’s of Mobile Retail

Looking back at the ups and downs we have encountered over the last few years to achieve a decent level of ‘saucy’ acceptance from the mobile entertainment market, we can see a politically and morally charged history map of both positives and negatives.

We have seen some poignant landmarks for our small, innovative and commercially rich industry sector, such as the unmitigated (and very surprising) success of age verification in the UK, when the entire Adult Mobile industry worried about it bringing an end to Adult on Mobile. We have seen an angry Archbishop in Canada, practically stopping the North American Adult Mobile market dead in its tracks (albeit temporarily I presume!). However, probably most importantly, we are finally experiencing that in Mobile and especially Adult Mobile, CONTEXT truly is the king, rather than content. When the mobile environment has context directly relevant to the customer viewing, it converts at a much higher rate to revenues. i.e. Consumer Context Converts Content!. At Cherrysauce we call this the 4 C’s and it’s a proven fact in our experience.

Cherrysauce recently launched a new portal for a big partner, already experiencing up to 70% conversion to sale on any traffic hitting its homepage. How did we achieve this? Well, we know our quality is second to none (of course) and we know the mobile adult consumers want girls and genres rather than brands as many suspected, but it’s the context that we design within the site or portal that is the key success factor here.

People often ask me why a young (ish) woman started an adult company, especially when like all little girls, I wanted to marry a prince or be a ballerina – oh how far I strayed! Apart from the obvious, the thing that really fascinates me is the psychology and subsequently the understanding of the consumer mindset. Why does a consumer choose mobile for erotica? Why does he spend £1.50 on a bikini-clad babe on his mobile when he can find the same for free on the Internet or on the beach? I want to know how he behaves in our portals and how much I can influence that behaviour. This makes our jobs interesting and I also believe it’s been a key factor in Cherrysauce’s success and above all, what sets us apart from our competition. We don’t aggregate content – we aggregate consumers!

Our mobile sites and portals have been likened to seduction (maybe it’s because it’s something women do instinctively to secure a mate and Cherrysauce is headed up by women). I believe that if a portal, channel or site proves its relevance to a consumer instantly, with a minimal amount of clicks to create an experience for him rather than show him a “shop-front”; it quite simply increases conversion rates.

Context is equally successful for non-explicit content, meaning that companies in territories such as Australia, India and Asia, so far only interested in a ‘bit of sauce’ for commercial benefits, can generate great revenues on glamour alone. Simply create the right context and a seductive environment based on the understanding you have of your adult consumer. But don’t forget, his objectives and behaviour are totally different to a gaming consumer for example, so the context must be different too!

The importance of the adult / context combination will be fully realised once the majority of handsets simply show a ‘mobile version’ of a website. No doubt this will work well for some areas, but adult customers choose adult on mobile for different reasons. They require an experience generated by the RIGHT context and specifically for their behavioural patterns! . Remember, context converts. An interesting challenge for the future!

Julia Dimambro, Managing Director

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