Buying erotica should be like buying a pint of milk

Buying erotica

Impulse – the dictionary states it’s a “sudden, involuntary inclination prompting an action” and guys, it’s where our fantastic ARPU and amazing conversion rates can be found!.

Actually, whilst we may feel that the ‘impulse buy’ is completely of our own choosing, more often than not it’s meticulously planned by some suit with a degree and heavily influenced by subliminal messages sent to us via advertising, merchandising and retailing. The really smart part is that if it’s done correctly, it drives us to make purchases we weren’t planning to make!

In the days before I worked in erotica, when I was still sweet and innocent and believed Private was a lingerie brand, I was an Account Manager for one of London’s leading digital design agencies. We once created a CD-ROM about the supermarket retailing of alcoholic spirits. It was a revealing insight into an industry where everything from TV ads, to in-store promotion, aisle positioning and product placement were all scrupulously planned to influence my purchasing decisions. In-fact, I was not choosing my weekly shop at all, it was being chosen for me by retailers and I presume it’s the reason I always come out of Tesco’s having spent 40 quid when all I went in for was a pint of milk!

But what has this got to do with erotica? – or even mobile entertainment? Well, if others are like me and only go into Tesco for a pint of milk and come out having spent 40 quid, you can begin to see how valuable good retailing actually is! In the erotic industry, arousal is impulsive – you can’t predict what is going to turn you on, which gives us a head start to influence purchasing decisions, but the basic premise works for all mobile entertainment. See how easily these basic rules of retailing reassign to mobile wap portals:

• Keep the stock you want to shift the most at eye-level – this is prime real estate and stock should be constantly rotated!
• Always offer discounted or free incentives to enter the shop.
• Display value-add items that complement a cross or up-sell purchase (i.e. sell popcorn and sweets in a DVD rental store.
• Use all the senses, smell, sight and sound to draw attention inward. Make shopping an ambient experience; make them want to come back!
• Diversify based on purchasing trends…if customers almost always buy petrol on the same outing as shopping, why not provide petrol?
• Loyalty cards – know what was purchased on the way out and offer something complementary to draw them back in. If trends suggest customers almost always buy on credit, then offer credit cards for instance.
• Point of sale senses describing the BENEFIT, not the FEATURE. E.g. Selling sizzle, not sausage… offer free samples…etc.

At Cherrysauce, we call it ‘Digital Erotic Retailing’ and we’ve already seen that applying our unique retailing strategies to erotic portals can generate conversion rates of up to 70%. This is achieved with an inherent understanding of how to specifically RETAIL erotica to mobile consumers through our knowledge of their PSYCHOLOGY, PURCHASING PATTERNS, UNIQUE DESIRES and INDIVIDUAL TASTES!!

We strongly believe the future success of mobile entertainment should reference the retailing industry to ensure we continue to develop more compelling and immersive experiences for consumers on the move now that many of the earlier technological restraints are slowly melting away.

And you thought from the title I was going to make some pun about the carton of milk exploding in your hand, right?

Julia Dimambro, Managing Director
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