ASMR – An untapped Adult Entertainment Genre?

LASMR - An untapped Adult Entertainment Genre

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Now here is an amazing new concept for the adult industry! Apparently ASMR (“autonomous sensory meridian response”) videos, whilst claiming to have nothing to do with sex or the adult industry, have the potential to give any of us a ‘brain orgasm’ which physically translates as a tingling, relaxing sensation in your skin and down your spine. They basically set your nerve endings alight!

There is no explicit action in the videos, just attractive young women whispering sweet nothings into the camera and making different soft noises into the microphone – anything from crinkling paper, tapping boxes to eating crunchy snacks, etc.

The interesting thing is that there a science behind it and more interestingly, the science world doesn’t understand it. All they know is that it’s differently real! Some people can experience ASMR, some people can’t. And even within the people that can – it depends what noises are being played as to whether it will work or not.

Interestingly, it’s thought that as children, we can all experience ASMR, but that many of us lose the ability as we grow older. Until you watch one of the several ASMR creators at work, you won’t know.

Many people use the videos for relaxation or to control anxiety, but of course the big elephant in the room is that if a video is creating that level of physical reaction, will they become a new genre in the adult industry?

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