APPENDIX 1: Cherry Media’s Top Ten 50SoG Bandwagon heroes!

50 Shades of Success for Adult Mobile

  1. Staid clothes retailer, Brooks Brothers has launched a range of ties called “Eight Shades of Grey Ties” ranging from $44 to $175 (according to NPD Group, a market research firm, Overall, men’s necktie sales are up 23 per cent in the last year).

  3. Many independent booksellers are placing the book ‘front and centre’ in their stores and adorning otherwise very respectable window displays with the erotic publication just to help drive foot traffic into the store!

  5. EMI music is releasing “Fifty Shades of Grey: The Classical Album” in partnership with E L James herself!

  7. Predictably along the same strain, E L James has recently signed her first licensing agreements for ‘Official Fifty Shades’ branded stockings, garters, printed tights, lingerie, pyjamas and silk robes.

  9. A UK charity that provides audiobooks for those with poor eyesight has been inundated with requests for Fifty Shades of Grey, with the majority coming from women over the age of 70. The head of audiobook production told the Daily Mail Newspaper that they are responding accordingly “to what their members want”.

  11. Trojan, the condom guys, had hundreds lining up for free vibrators recently on the streets of Manhattan. While Trojan has been selling vibrators since 2009, first-quarter sales this year were up about 14 per cent from the same quarter a year before, according to Nielsen.

  13. DRS and Associates, a luxury marketing and PR firm in Los Angeles for architectural, interior design and building clients, recently pitched “Shades of Grey” kitchen and bath décor.

  15. New York September fashion magazines will see Stuart Weitzman publicising Anastasia Steele-worthy boots called “Fifty Fifty,”, conveniently labelled as such for their equal parts of leather and stretch.

  17. Hollywood, one of the great advocates for ‘Bandwagon Revenues’ is already producing a movie based on the book – step aside “Nine and Half Weeks” – the new generation of Hollywood erotica is about to arrive!

  19. And lastly, the adult industry, the unspoken hero and creator of so many things that the book embodies is frantically trying to cash in on the book’s success by producing X-rated porn parodies. The problem they face of course is that no-one needs them anymore because we can all just pop down to Barnes and Nobel or WH Smith and get our BDSM fetish movie along with this week’s edition of Hello Magazine!!

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