50 Shades of Success for Adult Mobile

What can we learn from 50SoG?

Interestingly, the phenomenal success of 50SoG has probably less to do with the book itself and its controversial contents, then with a combination of modern day factors that have all contributed to it being in the right place, at the right time, with the right offer and most importantly with the right platforms to spread the word at lightning speed.

Why 50 Shades of Grey and not the array of other similar erotic novels that didn’t even make the ‘mid-shelves’ because once they were considered ‘too risky’? Because social networking, tablets, kindles and Facebook didn’t have the same social predominance previously as it has in 2012! Would the trilogy have been as successful as quickly if it had been published in the mid-nighties? I think not!

50 Shades of Success

In a new world where we all want to be 50 shades of something, a global phenomenon of this scale holds two important points for those of us working in the mobile and/or adult industries.

  1. Get Over Yourselves – Your customers love a bit a Sauce!

If I had a euro for every time I have spent convincing companies that there are means and ways to benefit from consumer demand for erotic and adult entertainment without negatively reflecting on their brand or service, I’d be as rich as E L James right now.
This novel has firmly shouted to the world that it’s not WHAT you offer, it’s HOW you offer it that beautifully bridges that gap between what is and what isn’t socially acceptable on a HUUUUGE scale!
This article should be a screaming advert to every mobile entertainment company out there investing in marketing and/or traffic for videos, images and apps that there is a huge additional revenue stream to be had from mobile erotica if offered and promoted IN CONTEXT with both consumer desires and the neighbouring environment.
As we always say at Cherry – it doesn’t have to be explicit to be erotic!
Understanding this statement could offer many companies almost immediate additional revenues right now!

  1. Female Porn Power

As you can imagine, over the years I have been asked so many times about adult entertainment for women and what form it should take. One of the things I would always discuss was the erotic literature. Men are more visual when it comes to sex, women like to use their imagination and find out what’s behind the visual exterior.
I normally use the example of a bar. If a man sees a woman in a bar, he normally only has to look at her to know whether or not he wants to have sex with her. If a woman sees a man in a bar, she might think he’s cute, but she’ll have to talk to him for a while to find out if he’s an idiot or not before deciding whether she wants to take it further.
Us gals may not have quite got it right on all levels yet when it comes to REAL equality, but we’re still very much coming out of the kitchen with a disposable income of our own and new freedom in sexual expression and THAT my entrepreneurial friends is something worth looking into!
The bottom line of all my rantings? Adult entertainment is taking on new forms, creating new audiences and most importantly new economic opportunities that just weren’t there 5 years ago!

Meanwhile Tube sites and illegal licensing are eroding online sales. Mobile devices are bringing new means of immersive fantasies to new audiences and it doesn’t have to be overtly ‘porn’ to generate millions of dollars!

Plus – if you get it right, there are almost endless possibilities for ‘knock-on’ merchandising. (See below)

Yes, the future’s bright for adult entertainment, albeit with a dash of Grey! 🙂


Julia Dimambro, Managing Director
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