50 Shades of Success for Adult Mobile – III

50 Shades of Success for Adult Mobile

Magic Marriage Moments:

The book’s social and sexual impact is so potent that it’s reported to have put the spark back into thousands of lacklustre marriages, not only in terms of stimulating more interest in sex from the gals, but also adding a little dash of kinkiness to marital bedrooms all over the world.

Even more remarkable, the global stampede back into the bedroom for coupling rather than sleeping purposes is even set to impact the global birth rate! Professor Ellis Cashmore, expert in Culture at Staffordshire University, predicts a spike in the number of new-borns in the next year as a result of the book!

He said in an interview with Mail Online: “With the millions of copies it has sold – it makes complete sense to assume that in nine months’ time we are going see a baby boom”.

And if you think the professor is off his rocker, then just check out the parenting websites, where expectant mums have been boasting in hoards that they have fallen pregnant with ‘Fifty Shades Babies’.

50 Shades of Success

Social e-BDSM:

(For any of you not sitting in-front of Google, BDSM stands for “Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism” – Yup, that’s what we’re discussing here, not a bit of mid-shelf boob. Nope – full-on XXX extreme sex acts!)

One of the overriding contributors to the book’s success has undoubtedly been social media. ETO magazine reported that 50SoG has been responsible for more online OMGs (Oh My God) than Object Management Group, Oxford Metrics Groups and Omnicom Media Group combined!

Combine this with the fact that e-books devices provided the opportunity for women to indulge in erotic literature without others around them noticing the title and you have a winner. 50SoG can also add a considerable surge in e-book sales to its list of accolades.

E L James’s agent, Valerie Hoskins said. “In the 21st century, women have the ability to read this kind of material without anybody knowing what they’re reading, because they can read it on their iPads and Kindles.

“It’s taboo for women to admit that they watch pornography, but for some reason it’s okay to admit that they’re reading this book.”

Lyss Stern, founder of DivaMoms.com

As a result, physical and digital versions are neck and neck in the U.S. in terms of sales, with 50 Shades publisher, Vintage, having shifted 9.8 million paperbacks and 9.6 million e-books in the US up to July this year, according to the according to the Wall Street Journal.

There’s no denying that word-of-mouth and social networks have played a huge part in the book’s astounding success. Patricia Bostelman, Vice President for Marketing at Barnes & Noble noted that “Conversation about the book online has fed many of the sales and it very clearly demonstrates what the blog network can do,” she said. “The word-of-mouth so thoroughly outpaced the availability of the book.”

The New York Times commented that women were saying that the book had gained a huge following amongst work pals and it was really the first erotic novel they have ever discussed publically, whilst Lyss Stern, founder of DivaMoms.com said “It’s taboo for women to admit that they watch pornography, but for some reason it’s okay to admit that they’re reading this book.”

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