50 Shades of Success for Adult Mobile – II

50 Shades of Success for Adult Mobile

What Women Want:

One of the very first discussions I had about this book was with a mobile exec, responsible for running one of the most successful on-deck adult channels in the UK and he highlighted a point that has stuck with me as this tale of social contradictions unfolded – women secretly long to be dominated and bossed around by men, especially in the bedroom!

I can hear those TV advertised ‘Air Bras’ getting ripped off and the lighters being ignited as we speak!

As a female owner of a business that sits between two male-dominated industries – Mobile and Adult – it made me wonder how and why this book is highlighting larger social topics for the world’s female population.

For quite a few years now, we’ve been shouting about ‘having it all’. Generation X women (this is where I sit, without wanting to give you an exact age) were the first generation not expected to stay and home and raise a family like our baby boomer mothers before us.

Does the Gen X female aspiration of ‘having it all’ simply mean ‘doing it all’?


Most of the world’s top female executives are married, have children and continue to ‘manage’ the household. When I say ‘manage’ I mean in terms of organising what needs to be done, who needs to do it and ensuring it’s completed to keep things moving along as they should.

I have seen too many examples via friends and family where ‘having it all’ simply means ‘doing it all’. We are still ultimately responsible for all the same areas within our relationships we were 50 years ago (a clean house, clean family, planning meals, shopping, kids, homework, doctor’s visits, social engagements, arranging holidays, etc.) and we invariably are the ones organizing them, even if hubby does chip in via a request and normally, a good bit of nagging until it’s done. However, we are now doing all this in addition to invariably holding down a full time and in many cases, a high-pressure job!

Every minute of a woman’s day is about having things under control, ‘on the list’, delegated or done. Our entire lives are about project management – whether personal or professional, big or small. It’s a part of our genetic make-up.

So I find it quite easy to appreciate any women’s subconscious desire to have a man take (total) control once in a while, and the bedroom is a safe environment where they can finally let down their ‘in control’ façade and just lie back and be told what to do without having to think about it or organise it. It’s like a little holiday from all the remembering, actioning or delegating!

Talking with various ‘mobile mates’, I get the feeling that although it’s probably not the main factor for its success, 50SoG delivers something for this subconscious desire within the context of total fantasy.

Is it a simple form of escapism from the slightly off-target results achieved in our quest for ‘equal rights’? Did the book maybe tune into a current feeling of overkill in the equality battle for females around the world?

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