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Paraphilia – Sexual exploration or mental disorder?

In Spain (where Cherry is based), we had a Spanish movie release earlier this year that caused quite a stir!

KIKI – Al Amor Se Hace (Translated to Quickie – Love is so) is a compilation of 5 short stories about the exploration of sexuality and more specifically, discovering your “paraphilias”. Read More

Why we won’t see an Adult version of Pokémon GO!

Exclusive new selection of graded topless content
When I first had the whole Pokémon GO phenomenon explained to me a few weeks ago in the office (yes, I live is Spain – we’re a bit behind!), my first thoughts were ‘it’s only a matter of time before companies start sending out app development briefs that say something like “We want something similar Pokémon Go but with this specific or that specific”. Read More

The Underestimated Value of Content

content is king
Back in the early noughties, I was lucky enough to be working in a very creative digital design agency in New York. In these heady ‘media’ days, the standard slogan was always: ‘Content is King’. It was always UP THERE in the value chain.Read More

ASMR – An untapped Adult Entertainment Genre?

LASMR - An untapped Adult Entertainment Genre

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Now here is an amazing new concept for the adult industry! Apparently ASMR (“autonomous sensory meridian response”) videos, whilst claiming to have nothing to do with sex or the adult industry, have the potential to give any of us a ‘brain orgasm’ which physically translates as a tingling, relaxing sensation in your skin and down your spine. They basically set your nerve endings alight!
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Latest stats on mobile usage true to predictions

Latest stats on mobile usage

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For about the last 4 or 5 years, Cherry has been predicting that the viewing of entertainment and content from mobile devices would overtake the same on PCs. Based on what we were reading (and experiencing), the tipping point would be between 2014 and 2015. Read More