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Millennial Women Know Sexy From Sexualized; Why Don’t Marketers?

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Interesting new research from Grayce & Co. which explores the issues around understanding Millenium women in an age that has become so politically correct that these sexually open women are actually starting to feel desexualised.

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Outsourcing Your Content Management & The Key Benefits for Service Providers

Outsourcing Your Content Management

We’ve all been there! We know it’s imperative we update the content in our service and maybe launch a sign-up promo or two, but there are five sales emails that need prioritising, three proposals to write and time is needed this afternoon to organise some new traffic offers.Read More

*NEW CONTENT SERVICE* Optimise resources, costs & revenues – Outsource your CMS / Content Management to Cherry!

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Outsourcing Your Content Management

With 14 years of mobile and digital content licensing and distribution, we know a thing or two about content and maximizing sales in this highly competitive market.Read More

Paraphilia – Sexual exploration or mental disorder?

In Spain (where Cherry is based), we had a Spanish movie release earlier this year that caused quite a stir!

KIKI – Al Amor Se Hace (Translated to Quickie – Love is so) is a compilation of 5 short stories about the exploration of sexuality and more specifically, discovering your “paraphilias”. Read More

The Underestimated Value of Content

content is king
Back in the early noughties, I was lucky enough to be working in a very creative digital design agency in New York. In these heady ‘media’ days, the standard slogan was always: ‘Content is King’. It was always UP THERE in the value chain.Read More